A big problem in Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV comes up as a great car in the electric vehicle market. Nexon EV got very good response and also Tata has given very good product for it’s customers. Although this car is very good but it is obvious that all products have one or another defects and bugs which comes into light when it comes in Mass production. So in this article we are going to describe about that small problem in Nexon EV.

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EV cars working

Electric engine motor.
EV engine Motor.

Normaly in electric cars power is motor takes power from the battery and coverts that power in to mechanical work and transfers it to motor. Now motor transfers power to wheels of car. And so car moves ahead. So as electric car do not require to change gears and so no multi stage gears required in electric car. And that’s why electric cars only have drive gear, reverse gear and neutral gear.

So this is all about electric car working in short.

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Problem in Nexon EV

In Nexon EV sometimes it happens that your gear automatically changes from Drive mode to neutral mode. Due to which car stops to respond to your acceleration. This problem mainly happens due to problem in connectors or gear with motor through which power is transferred to wheels. Same like other electric connectors due to humidity malfunctioning takes place in this connector due to which it works improperly. So solution for this problem is to provide proper seal which keeps moisture out of reach from connectors.

Another reason may that if we charge car by keeping ignition on. This thing also causes problem to battery and other parts of electric engine. So we recommend that if you want to charge your car than charge it by keeping ignition off.

And other tip is that always try to keep battery level up to 80% it is proved by studies that electric cars give better efficiency and longer battery life if we avoid full charging of battery. One reason for this is that if we charge our cars battery full and forget to switch off charger then over charging will take place and it will definitely damage battery.

Yes definitely Nexon EV is having this small problem but this thing don’t make car a bad product. Nexon EV is the most affordable and best EV compact SUV in the market with Tata’s reliability and safety. So always support Indian car brands.

So this is all about small problem in Nexon EV.

And soon we will provide article related to electric cars effect on environment. And comparison of EV cars and traditional fuel engine cars. In detail.

Thank you.