All about variants of Thar and it’s features.

Recently on 15 August Mahindra launched it’s flagship and one of the most famous SUV of India. This time Thar will get many new features as we have describe in our article about Thar. In this article we are going to explain difference between the variants of the Thar and what features they will get.

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Varinats of Thar

Mahindra That will come with 3 variants

  1. LX – This will be lifestyle variant. Which will get all the features which are more useful in city rides as well as long highway trips. Means it will be car with daily life features.
  2. AX – This will be Adventure variant. This car will get all the features which are more preferable by the off-road enthusiastic and adventure lovers.
  3. AX optional – This variant will get all the features of AX variant. And it will also get some extra features.

You can also watch video related to Thar variants on our YouTube channel.

Comparision of LX and AX variant.

AX and LX are the two main variants of the thar but it also gets one extras variant as AX optional which will be adventure variant with some extra features.

So lets start comparison of variants with exterior.


AX variant exterior :-

Exterior of the AX variant of the Thar will get total carbon black front bumper. Fog lamps in bumpers and LED tail lamps. Other than that it will get tubular door step which gives it more sporty look. And it will also get spare wheel mounted on the tail gate. This feature always attracts all the Indians. Other then that in exterior it will also get carbon black from grill and 16 inch steel wheels. AX variant is provided with steel wheels because steel wheels are more strong and capable. And as the AX variant is specially for off road and adventure enthusiastic so it requires strong wheels. Other than that it gets fixed soft roof. Which can not be removed (means it is not convertible).

LX variant exterior :-

As this variant is designed for daily use so it gets some rich and attractive features. Like it gets dual tone bumper and it also gets molded steel footsteps. This footstep will be flat. Other than that it gets silver grill. Wheels of this variant will be 18 inch in size and it will be alloy wheel. The roof will be hardtop and it will be convertible.


Interior of the Thar 2nd generation
Interior of the Thar 2nd generation

Ax variant interior

The interior of the AX variant will get tilt adjustable steering. Semi digital instrument cluster. Means rpm meter may be analog and speedometer will be digital. And yes it will also get multi information display (MID). This car will get the touch screen and all the facility that normal car get. Because Mahindra is going to give climate resistant switches and and washable seats. So adventurers will get all facility of luxury car at their favorite atmosphere. And yes this car will also get special adventure mode in infotainment system. Which will give real time information about you car like inclinometer, tyre pressure monitor etc.

But this variant may be missing of radio as antenna was not visible in AX variant test car. And it makes sense also. As network of radio will not be available in off-road environment like jungle, etc. And yes you can choose side facing rear seat in AX variant which makes thar AX 6 seater car.

Interior of the Thar 2nd generation
Interior of the Thar 2nd generation

LX variant interior

Interior of LX variant will also get climate resistant switches and washable seats. Other than this it will also steering mounted controls. Extra feature will be cruise control which will be helpful on highway drives. And it will get same 7 inch touch screen display and electric ORVM. It will also get front facing rear seats.

And yes top model in LX will also get brake differential locking system.

So this is all about AX and LX interior and exterior.

Now let’s talk about AX optional variant.

Safety and extra features

Biggest change in new 2nd generation thar other than interior is the safety features.

AX variant safety and extra features

AX variant will get Dual front air bag, ABS, EBD, high speed alert, etc as safety features.

And as extra features it will get feature to switch off air bag. And yes it will also get snow chains for tires. Although this chains are not much useful. But they can be useful in northern part of India to do offroading.

Thar capable to move on snow with snow chains.
Thar capable to move on snow with snow chains.

LX variant safety and extra features.

As safety features LX variant of thar will get features like Dual air bags, EBD ABS, and ESP (electronic stability program) with roll over mitigation.

It will also have extra features like hill hold control, hill descent control, tyre pressure monitor system, tyre alignment monitor, etc.

AX optional variant

AX optional variant will get all the features of the AX variant. But it will get some more add-on features like.

  • Rmote keyless entry
  • Convertible soft as well as hard top roof in Diesel variant
  • And yes petrol variant will get convertible soft top in AX optional.

Visit Mahindra site to book your test drive of thar and also to buy thar. And to get 360° view of all new thar.

So this is all about variants of new Thar and it’s features.