Every detail about Kia Sonet

Now Kia Sonet is all set to take on market of sub 4 meter compact SUV. As we know Sonet is the second car by the Kia motor company which is a sister company of the Hyundai. Kia Sonet is going to launch in India on 18 September. Means company will start delivery of the sonet. So today we are going to give each and every small details available with us about Kia sonet.

So let’s start our article every detail about Kia Sonet.

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As Sonet is a sub 4 meter compact SUV so it has small length but it covers almost all things that one luxurious car should have. Kia sonet is 3990 mm long, 1790 mm wide and it has height of 1642 mm. So it has got quite a good space.

Now let’s talk about outer design.

Front view

Front grill of Kia Sonet is black in colour with red elements in that grill. The grill gets chrome border at bottom. Below that grill we get number plate section and below that there is a bumper grill which is hexagonal shape grill which helps in air entry to radiator. Now this bumper grill gets grey silverish border as a with red straight line which is very fine and sophisticated design element.

Front view of kia sonet

Other than that sonet gets LED lights with LED drls as border of light. Now at bottom you can see uniquely square shaped fog lamps. Which are also LED.

Now just observe the front bonnet closely. bonnet has very sharp corners and side border of bonnet. And bonnet is quite uneven as it is embossed from center and flat on corners which is a element of aerodynamic design of sonet.

So this is all about Kia Sonet front.

Side view

Now 2 things which are very attractive and will definitely catch your attention are chrome plated door handles. And side skirtings at bottom of door with red straight line element which give sporty feel. Now other that you will observe the non-operating roof rails. Sonet also gets a slit design at end of the side of sonet which is a Japanese design element. And it was first observed by India in Ignis. It also get slightly squarish wheel arches. And it also gets 16 inch alloy wheels in higher variants and it will get 15 inch alloy wheel in base variant. The design of alloy is curve with sharp corner and it is diamond cut alloy wheels. And also get black cut type design in each curve. This something different from normal alloy wheels.

So this all you can observe in sonet’s side view.

Rear view

Rear view of Kia sonet

When we look at the rear of the sonet it looks like that sonet has took inspiration from seltos for it’s rear look. The rear lights are divided into two parts by the boot door border. It contains 5 LED lights inside in series. Below which on right side it has turn indicators and on left side it has reverse lights. And a straight LED line joins both the rear lights passing throughout the door. And as you can see in photo that it has got rear defogger. But it is highest variant so we can expect that only top or second variant from top will have rear defoggers. Now at bottom it gets carbon black bumper with silver streamline border with red design line. Which joins 2 rhombus shape mufflers of exhaust pipe.

So this all about exterior of the Sonet.

Now lets get information about interior of the sonet.



MID(multi information display)

First thing that we observe as a driver when we enter the car is the MID(multi information display). So sonet gets semi-digital MID. As it gives speed in digital manner and for RPM, heating gauge and fuel gauge are analog. Now sonet has quite different dashboard design as MID is directly connected to the floating entertainment system. This system support both Android auto and apple car play. Below that entertainment system you get all the control switches related to AC and rear defoggers and front defoggers. And you also get one extra switch slot for any aftermarket facility if you add any.

Dashbord of Kia sonet

Sonet also gets a automatic air purifier which itself starts working when pollutants level increase above some set limit inside car. And you also get rear AC. Rear seats has also got rear arm rest. And rear reading lamp.

Other than this it also gets Bose speakers.


air circulated (ventilated) seats

Sonet gets air circulated front seats and you can control them individually using controls given below the AC controls. And it gets good and comfortable seats. With different type of seat covers. Now if you observe in photo the sober also gets good amount of head room. And it also has enough leg space according to it’s size.

head room for front seats of kia sonet

So this is all about interior of sonet.

Now let’s know about engine options of sonet.

leg space for rear seats of Kia sonet.


Kia sonet unveiled today will have 6 engine options with different transmission options.

There will be 4 petrol engine option. 1) First will be 1.2 liter petrol engine with 5 speed manual transmission. 2) Second will be 1.2 liter petrol engine with 6 speed IMT transmission. 3) Third will 1 liter engine with 7 speed DCT automatic transmission. And last is 1 liter turbo engine which is sourced from the Hyundai venue.

Now other two engine options are diesel engines. 1 will be 1.5 liter diesel engine and 2nd will also be 1.5 liter diesel engine but it will produce more torque of 240 Nm.

So this all about Kia Sonet.

We have tried to cover all topics in this article except price. You can also get visual information about kia sonet from our YouTube video.

Also to book car or to book test drive of sonet you can visit KIA Sonet website.