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Evolve to electric with Tata Motors new electric car

Tata Motors has already marked its entry in the Electric vehicles segment in a Country. Tata Motors is planning to expand its EV (Electric Vehicles) product range in the upcoming year. An electric vehicle is a very hot topic in the automobile world, but Tata motors make it more special with its brand name. Tata motors’ chief executive said that he has increased his electric vehicle portfolio with a new model and higher prices to solidify its lead as India’s top-selling Electric Vehicle Company.

Tata also plans to offer a range of Electric Vehicles, including a shorter range for driving within the city, to meet the needs of multiple buyers. National Geographic is all set to throw light on the amazing work that Tata Motors has done in the last few years. An exclusive documentary titled ‘ Evolve to Electric with Tata Motors will be making its world premiere on September 18 at 7 PM on the National Geographic channel India. The promo video for the same has been released online.

We are glad to have partnered with National Geographic, one of the best in business when it comes to science, environment, and exploration, to bring out the story of Nexon EV and what goes behind creating an entire EV universe. With #EvolveToElectric as our philosophy, we wanted a platform that could help us bring out the message of moving to a more environmentally friendly and future-facing mobility Solution, credibly and authentically.

This documentary is our ode to all who have supported us in this journey and we expect it to be a seminal point in accelerating toward greater EV adoption. We hope that the show would be liked by the viewers and would encourage them to contribute in the ways to the fast-spreading EV revolution in India”, as commented by Vivek Srivatsa, Head – of Marketing, passenger and Electric Vehicles.

The company showcased 12 cars including 5 electric models and 14 trucks, including one powered by hydrogen fuel cells, deepening its drive for clean vehicles.

The documentary is 44 minutes long, describes it in detail, and will highlight about it homegrown automakers’ plan to introduce the EV version of its Nexon 2018. Ready to hit the road in the next 12 – 18 months. The film will further show us the mechanism behind the operations. The viewers will get to see the behind – the – scene at the Tata Motors Sprawling state -of-the-art-factory in India where the making of Nexon EV is going on. Besides this, the documentary also focuses on the car’s performance in different weather conditions, the battery technology, and the setting up of the charging infrastructure. Let’s see how it will create hustle after its launch.

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