Ford Ranger – spied in India

India is not much favorable market for lifestyle pick up trucks. Lifestyle pick up trucks means the pick up trucks with 4 doors and all the amenities that a luxury SUV have. But in the shape of pick up truck. This segment is much favourable for the country where more hilly areas are there. And areas which require more torque and car with big storage space. So whole India is not favourable for pick up trucks. But North and North-east parts of India one of the best place to sell lifestyle pick up trucks. India also have some lifestyle pickup trucks like Tata xenon, Isuzu d-max, pick-up based on Scorpio, etc. But now to make this segment more popular and alive Ford is going to bring one of the best and famous pick up truck to India. And the name of that pick up truck is the Range pick up truck. We are saying on the basis of the spied image of that Range. As we got photo of Ford ranger-spied in India.

Ford Ranger is very famous pick up truck in all the markets of the world where demand of pick up truck is high. And now Ford wants to bring it to India. As they know that north and north-east of India can be the best market for lifestyle pickup truck. As this regions of India are at high altitude and they have to carry lots of things in their cars. So this type of truck with all amenities and also big storage open trunk attached with this car will attract many peoples.

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Ford ranger-spied in India

New Ford ranger for India will share its platform with the endeavour SUV. And we can also expect that this pickup truck will borrow many features and amenities from endeavour. So this truck may come with feature loaded interior.

Testing Ford Ranger- spied on India (image)
Testing Ford Ranger- spied on India (image)

In aspect of engine we can expect that it can come up with 2.0 liter diesel engine. Which may produce power around 160-170 bhp and 400-450 Nm of torque. This power and torque are not accurately known to us.

Other that this, ranger is not only a pick up truck. But it is also used as race truck in dirt Rally’s and it has got much appreciation as a off-road truck.

Once this truck enters the Indian market it will rival the pick up trucks like Isuzu D-max, Tata xenon, and yes it will also rival the Toyota Hilux pick up truck which is going to launch in India in near by months.

So let’s wait for this interesting segment to enter the Indian market.

See video about Ford ranger on our YouTube channel.

Ford ranger video on our YouTube channel.