Hyundai Elantra N-Line

When we think to buy sedan in the price range of 15 – 20 lakhs. Names like Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla altis, Toyota Camry, Mercedes E and C class strikes our mind.

Hyundai Elantra has been one of the best premium sedan of Indian market since 2004. Hyundai gave facelift to this car recently in 2019. This facelift version was 3rd generation of Elantra in India.

Now Hyundai has given this car a new badge of N-line. N-line is a badge of race inspired high performance and design. In this badge full form of N is Namyang which is a city where racing research and development of Hyundai cars are done. And N also stands for Nurburgring where they test high performance car. Hyundai says that N-line cars are not totally a race car but they are inspired by the high performance Hyundai rally cars and race cars.

Hyundai Elantra N-line

This newly designed Elantra has many things to show.


Aggressive, wide and sportier Front.

Elantra gets parametric jewel grill which is specially designed for N-line models. Speciality of this grill is that it reflects all light falling on it in different directions. This improves look of car. And the wideness of grill, long bonet and newly designed headlamps make this car to look extremely sporty. The wide and performance oriented air intake helps the car to improve performance. And this car also gets N-lime badge on new grill.

This cars is now 30 mm more longer than old generation and has 20 mm longer wheel base. This improvements make it most spacious in it’s segment. And also improve stability.

H tail lamps

H tail lamp makes the look of car delight to watch. This tail lamps shows futuristic design of Hyundai. And it also make car rear to look wider. And the uniquely designed twin exhausts improve the look of car greatly. The design of the boot of the car is such that it improves aerodynamics and ultimately improves performance and stability at high speed.


Interior of this new Elantra has very unique design. Because the arrangement of driver’s seat is done in such a way that it gives feeling of airplane. As driver will be surrounded by controls on all three sides. This arrangement made us to remember Toyota Supra. Which had similar cockpit design.

Three horizontal slit lines on dashboard with chrome finish gives final touch to make it premium. And the 10.25 inch digital and touch screen display covers both Infotainment system and instrument cluster. This display gives us the feeling of futuristic design. It also have 64 colored mood lights.

New features

It will get many new features like blind spot collision assistance, lane assistance, premium sound system from Bose and 18 inch alloy wheels.

The blind spot collision assistance will help when we are turning right or left. As it will alert us about any vehicle overtaking for that side. Other than this it has premium upholstery. And also a wireless charger and one touch sunroof.

You can visit Hyundai site experience 360 degree view of Elantra.