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Will Tata Nano EV will boost electric car popularity in India

Tata Nano….. Do you remember this name or not? Of course yes, everyone does. It was one of the best affordable cars launched in India in recent memory. The Nano was established by the Tata sons Emeritus Mr. Ratan Naval Tata who wanted his countrymen to be able to afford a four-wheeler in this day and growing age of inflation, he wanted that there is four-wheeler in every home in India.

However, The Nano because of being marketed as the cheapest car did not manage to attract many buyers, become a Market spoiler, and later was scrapped from the product lineup of Tata Motors.

Tata Motors is planning to re-introduce its compact city car Nano, but this time it is more advance, in an electric avatar in the Indian automotive market. The Times of India reported citing sources from the automotive industry. Tata motors could be reviving the Nano moniker as an electric vehicle to expand its rapidly growing Ev arm further. As a part of its ambitious footprint growth in the Electric transportation category and to protect current investment in the Nano project, the company could be thinking about a resurrection and platform update, according to sources.

However, an e-mail response from Tata Motors spokesperson following contact read, “Tata Motors doesn’t comment on speculation and forthcoming of vehicles.” N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Motors recently highlight the company’s goal for electric vehicles. He highlighted that the company sold 5,000 EVs in FY21 and 19,500 in FY22 at the 77th AGM. Now company target to sell 50,000 EVs, attaining 1,00,000 by FY24. Over 24,000 EVs have been already sold by corporations between April & November 2022, a significant increase in the number of sales.

Tata Motors currently has the widest range of Ev vehicles in the country. The company’s vehicle range includes Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon EVs. The launch of Nano Electric Avtaar catches the attention of everyone and good opportunity for Tata Motors to make a profit. The company may be considering a Nano revival and platform upgrade as part of its aggressive footprint expansion in the Electric mobility segment and to sweat existing Investments in the Nano project, sources said.

The company has launched and showcased its Ev concepts Curvv and Avinya and has announced it will roll out 10 models in the next 5 years. Tata Motors has a total of 80% Market share.

There is a new breed of Electric cars that is likely to create a lot of buzz in India. This is the micro Ev segment, which is currently booming in China. Unlike previous attempts, where Tata Motors tried to retrofit the electric motor and battery in the existing Nano, this time things could be different. It’s likely to be an all-new car, with a modern-day design – built as a newborn Electric vehicle.

So, Tata Motors is a trusted brand it will mostly create a demand for electric cars in the Indian Market. The electric Avtaar of Nano will change the wind of the Market, As the customer is the king everything depends on the customers.

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