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Cruise Control For Every Car

What is Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a device fitted in the car steering wheel or on the Dashboard (Especially on the steering wheel). This allows the Driver to accelerate the car at a constant speed without pressing the accelerator paddle. This is done Via a controller button and this is a very complicated Codes that are Uploaded in the ECU, By the manufacturer
So that no other person can ruin the codes of the cruise control

Does Every Car has this Feature?

No, not every car has the cruise control feature preinstalled in the vehicle. As it all depends on the pricing of the car
As the car manufacturer adds the feature to the list, the price increases. So to reduce the cost of the Car they have to control the features they are giving in the cars. That’s why they have different variants for different feature

Can we install these features From Aftermarket?

The answer to this is somewhat yes and No also. Because some manufacturer Allows installing cruise control from the market like Hyundai, and Kia.
But the rest of other manufacturer does not allow this function to be activated because of the obvious reason (Buy the Higher variant)

But there is an alternative to it and that is very easy to install.

The name of the Brand is and the product name is NEXCRUISE,

This Comes in 2 different Variants
  1. The Basic Version only comes with the on/off function. It is suitable for those people who only required the Resume function on the Cruise control
  2. The PRO Version comes with many functions including the ON/OFF function, Like the speed governor function, additional CIty/Sports Mode, and Resume function
Check the Installation Video

Installation and Features Expalined