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Aftermarket Sunroof A Death Trap For Cars

Sunroofs have become a demanding and favorite feature of car buyers. Everyone wants to take the fresh air of nature. People are installing aftermarket sunroofs. The question arises is the after-market sunroof successful? In this blog, we’ll present the most detailed analysis of after-market sunroofs. Explain how it is beneficial or non – beneficial for your car. Based on this analysis, you can decide the importance of this feature and easily can choose whether you should have a sunroof on your car or not.

What is a sunroof?,
Panoramic Sunroof

What is a sunroof?

A Sunroof is one of the attractive features of a car. Sunroof is a panel on the roof of the vehicle that either slides back or can be taken out to allow light and air to come into the cabin of a vehicle. There are two types of sunroofs available and sold in India today. The larger one is called a panoramic sunroof.

Many carmakers include sunroofs in their portfolio, but in some, they don’t have them. So the customers who don’t have a sunroof in their car, go for an aftermarket sunroof, which is slightly not a good idea. Cars with factory-installed sunroofs are still a valid choice because manufacturers perform an extensive study before installing a sunroof on a car.

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You might enjoy an aftermarket sunroof for the first few months, but after some time you will realize how wrong the decision you have taken for your car is. Aftermarket sunroof is not workable in India’s weather, we all know how Indian weather changes. Let’s look at the disadvantages of aftermarket sunroof


If we are going for an aftermarket sunroof, then it will not good for a long time because most of the time manufacturers pretend that their products are the best and are from reputed brands. But in reality, their products are of kf7 inferior quality. After some months of installation of the sunroof at a very early stage sunroof starts to damage. The mechanical part starts chattering and stops working at a very early stage. And after having damage you have to bear the cost and this will hit your pocket more. Most manufacturers give a warranty on their products but they give o warranty to the customers for the period it will work well, mostly in case problems start after the warranty period.


One of the biggest threats of having an aftermarket sunroof is that it affects the safety of our car. The safety of our cars and our lives is one of the crucial things. The roof is an integral part of the overall structure of a car and bears the structural role. It is quite obvious that for the installation of an aftermarket sunroof, a manufacturer cut the upper part of the good and adjusts it according to requirement. It affects the rigidity of the roof and makes it more vulnerable in the case of an accident. But when the sunroof was installed by the company, the whole car went through many engineering processes, it doesn’t affect our car’s structure and doesn’t play with its safety. The car’s structure and its construction have been designed to support a sunroof while keeping the vehicle’s safety and rigidity.

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Due to aftermarket sun roofing your car is prone to have water inside it mainly during the rainy season. Water can damage the sunroof’s mechanical parts, which are expensive to repair. Water leakage not only damages your sunroof but even damages your whole car system. Aftermarket sunroofs not harm your car physically and mechanically, but also spoil your moments due to water leakage. Noise leakage is another concern of having an aftermarket sunroof. Sometimes we used to keep calm by taking a long drive, but due to the ill-fitting of the sunroof, irritating noise of traffic, road, etc can easily enter inside the room.


As we know having a sunroof is quite less safe, no manufacturer an automobile dealer wants to purchase a vehicle with safety use. The oy reason behind it aftermarket sunroof that could leak or break at any time. So reselling your vehicle with an aftermarket sunroof is quite challenging.

So according to us, we recommend you car with no aftermarket sunroof. If you have another option go for that why playing with your safety is a must. It is not beneficiary to your vehicles as well. Some of the affordable cars with sunroofs are the Hyundai i20, kia won’t, etc. So ask yourself what is good or not.